• Disposable virus sampling tube

    Disposable virus sampling tube

    Name Disposable virus sampling tube-A1 Specification 5ml,6ml Type Non-inactivated Material Plastic Function Introduction Used for sample collection, transportation and storage, etc., mixed sampling of five persons or mixed sampling of ten persons for nucleic acid detection
  • Laparoscopy Pack

    Laparoscopy Pack

    Item Content Quantity 1 Media Face Mask 1PCS 2 Medical Cap 1PCS 3 Instrument Table Cover 1PCS 4 Hand Towel ( 40×40cm) 4PCS 5 Surgical Gown ( reinforced ) 2PCS 6 Laparoscopy Drape 1PCS 7 Medical Wrap 1PCS Item Content Quantity 1 Media Face Mask 1PCS 2 Medical Cap 1PCS 3 Instrument Table Cover 1PCS 4 Hand Towel ( 40×40cm) 4PCS 5 Surgical Gown ( reinforced ) 2PCS 6 Side Dra...
  • Surgical Gown

    Surgical Gown


    1. Multiple size options to ensure the right fit at the right AAMI Level.

    2. Level 3 and AAMI Level 4 gowns based on the color coded packaging and the new royal blue color of our AAMI Level 3 Non-Reinforced surgical gown.

    3. High-tech fabrics keep you cool and dry during long procedures.

    4. Available in a wide range of sizes, lengths and fits for every shape.

  • Disposable Medical Cap

    Disposable Medical Cap

    Head coverage is critical as the head is one of the dirtiest areas of the body and produces significant contamination.

  • Surgical Mask

    Surgical Mask

    Item Content Quantity 1 Instrument Table Cover ( 150×190cm ) 1PCS 2 Unity Drape ( 60×75cm ) 6PCS 3 Appendix Operation Drape ( 150×200cm) 1PCS 4 Medical Cap ( diameter 48cm ) 3PCS 5 Hand Towel (30×34cm ) 3PCS 6 Tweezers ( 12.5cm ) 4PCS 7 Mayo Stand Cover ( 80×145cm ) 1PCS 8 Medical Face Mask ( 3-ply ear loop ) 3PCS 9 Reinforced Surgical Gown ( 125×150cm ) 3PCS Material: SMS, Bi-SPP Lamination fabric, Tri-SPP La...
  • Connecting Catheter

    Connecting Catheter

    Product Description

    1. Made of Non-toxic medical grade PVC,DEHP free,no odor.
    2. Soft tip,standard tip,flared tip and soft tip for choice.
    3. With 2m tube or could be customized,Anti-crush tube can ensure oxygen follow even if the tube is kinked.
    4. Size available:Audlt,Pediatric,Infant,Neonatal.
    5. Color: green transparent,white transparent and light blue transparent for choice.
    6. Packed in individual PE bag.sterilized by EO gas,100 pcs/ctn.

  • Oxygen Tubing/Nasal Cannula

    Oxygen Tubing/Nasal Cannula

    Product Description

    Nasal Oxygen Cannula is an transporting Oxygen device with double channels,It is used to deliver supplemental oxygen to a patient or person in need of extra oxygen.

    The nasal cannulas are used for patients needing only low-flow supplemental oxygen. Patients with breathing difficulties and conditions such as emphysema or other pulmonary pathologies require the nasal cannula. The flow rate for the cannula is around. 4 to 5 liters per minute (LPM).

  • Breathing Circuit

    Breathing Circuit

    Feature :

    1: Patent technology of integrated molding, high strength, not prone to falling off and being separated, good flexibility.
    2: It can endure high temperature and high pressure disinfection, reusable.
    3: Joints are made with injection molding with no gas leakage.
    4: Mainly used for operation patients in anesthesia and oxygen; patients after recovery.
    5: Support and care for patient with severe postoperative respiratory.

  • Vaginal Speculum

    Vaginal Speculum

    Product Destination:

    1. It is made by injection moulding of PS plastic, non-toxic, non-irritant.
    2. It can adjust at will, smooth edges from plastic resin-less, apprehension from patients.
    3. For single use only, sterile unless package is opened or damaged, sterilized by ethylene oxide.
    4. Size: L,M,S
    5. IFU: Insert the duck bill to vaginal gently, turn the screw to fix the speculum.
    6. ISO13485, CE

  • Catheter Bag

    Catheter Bag

    Application department

    Operating room, general surgery department ,neurosurgery department, gynecology department, proctology department, urology department, orthopedics department etc.

  • Feeding Catheter

    Feeding Catheter


    The catheter is used for decreasing gastrointestinal pressure or transfusion or discharge.

  • Negative Pressure Drainage Catheter

    Negative Pressure Drainage Catheter


    Donor surface wound or drainage of clinical incision drainage.

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